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Some Suggested Child to Sponsor Letter Writing Tips

What should I write about to my Sponsors? Is there anything I shouldn't write about?

As Ugandan Lambs children, you are very special to us and our sponsors and supporters and as a result, your sponsor is desiring to be a part of your future educational, physical, emotional and spiritual growth.  

Your assigned ULA communications coordinator will be coordinating your letters to and from your sponsors. Since your letters will be reviewed (for mutual safety issues) before distribution, please follow the suggested guidelines below so that you will have a wonderful shared correspondence experience between you and your sponsors.

Do explain special holiday and family customs.

Talk about important events — weddings, graduation, trips, new jobs, holidays, etc.

Share about a special Ugandan holiday or festival that is important to you.  

Share your dreams and the daily activities of your life.  

Write about the terrain/climate/people where you live.  

Discuss a person who influenced you.  

Talk about an important life lesson you learned, something you learned in school, or something you're

learning now.  

Describe how you overcame a challenge or met a goal.

Additional Things to Share:  

Share your favorite Bible stories and verses or talk about your church and the various ways you serve


Remind your sponsor that you pray for him or her regularly.

Address specific items that your sponsor has mentioned in his or her correspondence to you.  This

shows that you are interested in your sponsor.

Share your prayer requests and praise reports.  

Include a verse that is important to you and what it means to you.

What topics or items should I avoid writing about?

Asking your sponsor to provide funds for other financial requests. (Such as a motor scooter, bike, etc.)


Sharing your home address, e-mail address or telephone numbers.  (This is a safety and security issue.)

Suggesting that your sponsor come for a personal visit. (Visits may or may not occur but will be handled

solely through Ugandan Lambs Association.  We don’t want you to “guilt them” for a visit.)

ULA Payments