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Volunteering With Ugandan Lambs Association USA

(Newsletters, mailings, budgets, filing, telephone calls, volunteer coordination, administration, data entry, fund raising, assist in Ugandan Lambs short-term projects, etc.)

(Dentistry, nursing, graphics design, web design, social media, photography, well drilling, computers plumbing, construction, electrical, etc. Please list any professional licenses.)   professionallicenses.

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Volunteers are vital to our success at Ugandan Lambs Association USA.  We’re excited that you’re interested in finding out how your talents and skills can be put to the best use in helping us achieve our goal of providing a sponsor for each and every child that comes into our program.  The simple knowledge of knowing that someone cares about their well being gives these children hope coupled with a spiritual foundation (please read Our Beliefs), which in turn leads them to develop positive self-esteem and clarify their values with a sense of hope.  Thanks for your interest in becoming a Ugandan Lambs Volunteer. We will be emailing you an application that needs needs some additional information.  

ULA Payments