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How Often May I Write My Child?

We would love for you to communicate more often, but due to the school sessions and the limited amount of ULA coordinators (USA and Uganda) who must review correspondence, we recommend one letter per quarter. The months suggested for correspondence are (1) May; (2) August; and (3) December.  December is the longest break.  We also try to put together a Christmas care package during this time as well.  More details will follow.  Here is a Letter Writing Tool online (Click Here).  We will set you up with a User Name and Password.

What should I write about? Is there anything I shouldn't write about?

Ugandan Lambs children regularly pray for their sponsors. You are investing in their lives, and they consider you family. Write as if you are.

Be encouraging! And please be sensitive to the child's economic situation. Avoid discussing the material aspects of your life.

Describe your family (e.g., where they live, what they look like, their interests, type of work they do, pets, etc.).

Explain about: (1) Your special holidays and family customs; (2) Talk about important events — weddings, graduation, trips, new jobs, holidays, etc.; (3) Write about the terrain/climate/people where you live;

(4) Reminisce about your childhood; and (5) Discuss a person who influenced you.


Remind your child that you pray for him or her regularly. Mention specific items your child has mentioned in his or her letters.

Explain how your family includes your sponsored child in daily life (e.g., praying for him or her or displaying his or her photo in your home).

   Share your prayer requests and praise reports.

   Express what a privilege it is to be your child's sponsor.

   Affirm that God loves him or her and has a great plan for his or her life.

   Include a verse:

       -about God's provision for the future (Jeremiah 29:11)

       -about God's love for us (John 3:16), the value of each child (Psalm 139:13-14)

       -or loving one another (1 John 4:7)

       -about the power of prayer (Matthew 21:22)

       -about the importance of learning (Proverbs 4:13)

Encourage your child to write back and/or draw pictures for you.

Read about what your sponsored child wants to hear from you.

What topics should I avoid?

   Discussing the material aspects of your life (e.g., the size of your home or the kind of car you drive).

   Sending photos that show your possessions.

   Sharing your home address, e-mail address or telephone numbers.

   Using colloquialisms and slang.

    Suggesting your child come for a visit or that you'll send a particular gift.

Some Suggested Sponsor to Child Letter Writing Tips

ULA Payments