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Meet Mark Dottie

“Eight years ago, I had no hope. I had no future. Four years ago I was dying.  My father was sick for many years and died of AIDS two years ago.  My mother died of AIDS when I was 10.  When I was just four, I learned that I was HIV positive and I had AIDS. Many children in Uganda who suffer from AIDS have very little hope to survive.  So many children need medicine but do not receive it and without proper medical care, they will not live happy lives. That was my story too.  Eight years ago, I was not able to get the drugs I needed.  That was why I was dying.  I was sick all the time; I had no energy to play or go to school.
 That is when Ugandan Lambs came into my life.  My [sponsor] parents through Ugandan Lambs have helped save my life.  I’m a different person than I was 8 years ago.  I have AIDS. It’s true, but thank God everything else has changed for me. Now I have [sponsor] parents who take care of me.  I have hope and I have a future.

Thank you Ugandan Lambs for helping to rewrite my story.”
ULA Payments